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New to Healing Himalayas - Koshi Wind Chimes

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Healing Himalayas is absolutely delighted to now offer Koshi Wind Chimes.

These absolutely stunning wind chimes are made with love and care at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in France. Over 20 years of dedicated wind chime experience went into making the Koshi wind chimes perhaps the most elegant wind chimes available.

The resonance box of each chime is made of bamboo, a material known throughout for many centuries for its stunning acoustic properties. Inside of the resonance box are metal tuning rods, each perfectly tuned with the other to make a wonderful sounding chord.

Recommended for outdoor use, allow the breeze to capture the tail of the chime to gently play the chime. Or, for indoor use or meditation, hold the chime and gently move it in a circular motion to play the chime.

These chimes are fantastic and work so wonderfully with the rest of the Healing Himalayas catalog! Enjoy and elevate!

Add one or all four to your collection:


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