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How Do Salt Lamps Work?

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Pink Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

What Are Salt Lamps? 

Mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, our Himalayan salt lamps are naturally anti-microbial and ionize their environment. They are perfect for the bedroom, office, studio, nursery, and just about everywhere else!

 These lamps are made from deposits of ancient sea salt. Himalayan salt is perhaps the purest salt in the world and has a myriad of naturally occurring elements inside of them, giving each lamp its unique shade and light qualities. Each lamp is made from one solid piece of salt.


So, How Do They Work?

In this day and age with our growing use of electronic devices, there are more and more positive ions in our environment. These positive ions are actually harmful to us creating an electromagnetic field.

Fortunately, nature has a solution for us! Salt lamps naturally interact with their environment. This is mostly through absorbing moisture, and in so doing also absorbing the positive ions (and reducing the electromagnetic field), along with pollutants such as dust, bacteria, pet dander, and pollen. These contaminants are permanently attached to the lamp. You can take a damp cloth to the lamp every now and again to remove these contaminants.

While the lamp is on, the bulb gently heats the lamp drying the water that was attracted to the salt. This allows for the lamp to continue to attract even more moisture – and neutralize more positive ions and contaminants – to the lamp, continuously creating a more healthful environment.

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