Himalayan Salt Lamps - 11-15 Pound Lamps

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Perfect for the home, baby's nursery, meditation studio, yoga studio, massage studio, or office, pink Himalayan salt lamps have tremendous benefits. Each of our Himalayan salt lamps is certified Fair Trade.

  • This salt lamp is about 10-12" tall and 7-9" wide.
  • Weighs between 11-15 pounds.
  • Ionizes an area 14 feet x 14 feet.
  • Shipped from the mine with desiccants for a super-high quality lamp.
  • Includes a durable wood base.
  • Includes a UL certified power cord.
  • Certified Fair Trade.

Naturally organic and anti-microbial, salt lamps emit an unlimited amount of negative ions. Negative ions have been scientifically proven to be very healthful for the human body. The negative ions bind with airborne particulates, making them heavier, and allowing gravity to do its job easier by bringing these particulates to the ground and out of harms way (especially to our respiratory system).

Experience the innate mood enhancing and uplifting quality of salt lamps. See below for the ideal size of the lamp for the corresponding environment that you’d to ionize.

Mined from deep within the Earth, these salt lamps have a myriad of naturally occurring elements inside of them. It is these elements that give the salt lamps their unique shade and light qualities.

These trace elements have also resulted in a reduction in asthma, allergies, and an overall increase in a sense of well-being and peace.

Our salt lamps and other salt products are protected from the Himalayan salt mine through to transport to our warehouse with desiccants to keep moisture away from the salt. This yields a higher quality product when it arrives to you. Unfortunately, many other manufacturers do not protect their salt products the same way during transport resulting in lamps with a worn and tarnished look.

Included with each lamp is a wooden base harvested using sustainable practices, a high quality light bulb, and a UL certified power cord. Use the dimmer cord to adjust the brightness of the lamp.

Here are our general guidelines for the size of a room or environment that you’d like to ionize alongside the minimum preferred size of our Healing Himalayas lamps. Of course, multiple smaller lamps can be used to ionize a larger environment.

Himalayan Salt Lamps - 11-15 Pound Lamps

$74.99 $74.99

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