2017 Gift Giving Ideas!

By Healing Himalayas November 20, 2017

Here at Healing Himalayas, we're often asked about gift ideas. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for 2017!


Zen Coasters


Zen Coasters

We absolutely love these coasters. Each set includes four coasters. And each coaster is unique and made from a 4" square piece of Botticino marble with a cork backing to protect your furniture from being scratched. Choose from the zen coaster set, the hamsa coaster set, or the seasons coaster set.

These are the next addition to the already perfect home!



Namaste Notebook Set

These beautiful notebooks are designed with love and care. Each notebook includes a hand-riveted page-marker. Choose from the Namaste book set, the Hamsa notebook set, or the Tree of Life notebook.


Hand Colored Engraved Paintings

These beautiful hand-painted engravings are truly special. They are made using the centuries-old technique of hand-colored engraving. Each image is lovingly made one-at-a-time. They are hand-pulled from a metal plate incised with a line drawing and then painted with watercolors. For extra charm, each drawing is made on handmade paper. Each framed piece is 7.5" x 7.5".

Take a closer look! You'll have to have them!


Premium Malas

Healing Himalayas Malas

Our premium malas all include 108 beads. Whether for meditation, manifesting, or making a statement, you'll find a mala for you!

Malas are strings of beads used in Tibetan meditation practice to count mantras. While meditating, the practitioner focuses his or her mind on the mantra while using the mala to keep count - in a similar way that rosary beads are used. The beads in malas are often chosen specifically for the energy associated with them.


Singing Bowl Gift Sets

Singing Bowl Gift Sets

This beautiful singing bowl is perfect as a gift. This gift set includes a 4" cast singing bowl, a wooden striker, and a pillow on which the singing bowl rests. The bowl, striker, and pillow can be presented and stored in the paper box. Choose from a variety of colors!


Koshi Wind Chimes

Koshi Wind Chimes - The Perfect Gift
We absolutely love the Koshi Wind Chimes - and you will too! When we first heard these chimes, we instantly fell in love. There are four different types of chimes, one for each of the four seasons. Choose from AriaAquaIgnis, and Terra. Our personal favorite (if we absolutely had to choose) is the Aria. They also sound really beautiful together!



Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls - Healing Himalayas

Of course, we always recommend the frosted crystal singing bowls. These are beautiful gems and make elegant focal points to any room. They always inspire conversation. Their sounds are always delectable as well. We typically recommend a 12" frosted (white) singing bowl as a first purchase. The deeper tones resonate quite well with many people. For a slightly less expensive option, an 8" bowl is also wonderful. These bowls are the easiest type of bowls to play (even kids enjoy playing them).

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