Optically Clear Colored Crystal Singing Bowl - 10"

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Resonate deeply with the healing sounds of our beautiful crystal singing bowls. Gently strike the side of the bowl with the included suede mallet for a calming melodic tone, or rub the mallet around the top edge of the bowl for a deeply vibrant and enduring sound.

These singing bowls are the easiest type of singing bowl to play.

The powerful vibrations of the bowls can be used to open and close yoga and mediation sessions as well as for the simple beauty of their loving, sacred, and relaxing sounds. And the frosted exterior of the bowl provides a beautiful decorative focal point even when the bowl isn't sounding.

Select your singing bowls based on the colors or tones that you like, or the size of the space in which you'd like your bowls to rest. Or, if you are doing energy work, select your singing bowls based on the chakras (energy channels) that you'd like to open and balance. If you are purchasing a crystal singing bowl or bowls for your personal use, trust your perception as your true guide when selecting the tone or tones.

Our beautiful optically clear colored crystal singing bowls are made in the USA to the highest standards of superior quality. Our artisans expertly craft each of our individual crystal singing bowls to ensure that they are flawless and tuned perfectly. Our bowls are made out of an industry-leading 99.99% quartz crystal.

The wider the bowl, the deeper the tone. The size of the bowl denotes the diameter across the top of the bowl (from edge to edge) and not the tone. The diameter, wall thickness, and height of the bowl gives the bowl its tone. During the manufacturing process, bowls of the same diameter are tuned to different tones by making adjustments to the height of the bowl.

Included with each bowl is a suede mallet and a rubber O-ring on which your singing bowl can gently rest.

Add a carrying case for instant savings on your order (save $10 by purchasing the bowl and case together). Our carrying cases are durable, protect your crystal singing bowl, and come with a special sleeve to hold the playing mallet.

Healing Himalayas, Seven Chakras, Healing Centers, Chakras in Sanskrit, colors, meanings.

Optically Clear Colored Crystal Singing Bowl - 10"

$749.99 $749.99

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