2018 Gift Giving Guide


If you're looking for gifts for yourself or loved ones this holiday season, we've got just the thing. It's here! Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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NEW FOR 2018

Sudara Apparel


When we we first learned about Sudara, we fell in love with them and their purpose. Handmade in India,all proceeds are directed  to programs that empower women in India and end sex trafficking.

Take a look at these wonderful robes ($79 before discount), the super fun and flowy Punjammy pants (from $49 before discount), long sleeve tees ($39 before discount), and the empowering t-shirts (from $29 before discount). Check out the whole line here.


These beautiful hand poured candles took 10 years of trial and error to perfect! The wax used in the candles is vegan, all-natural, and produces less smoke/soot than any standard paraffin candle. As it burns down it holds the pyramid shape and glows from the inside of the candle revealing the beautiful lace patterns shown in the photo! Check out all of the different scents ($35.00 before discount). 

Choose from LavenderHoliday ChristmasWhite Rose PetalsBlack  Raspberry VanillaPineapple OrchidRose PetalsGrapefruit MangoMen's Cologne, and Enchanted Forest.

MODERN Himalayan Salt Lamps

We're really excited to share that we are now carrying these beautiful MODERN Himalayan salt lamps!

You have to check these out! They're the best of the traditional and the stylish combined. If you've purchased and know about our salt lamps (and even if you haven't), you're in for a real treat!

(The MODERN Himalayan Salt Lamp Collection)

Pictured here are the Serenity Lamp ($109.99 before discount), the Spirit Lamp ($59.99 before discount), the Ascent Lamp ($179.99 before discount), and the Bliss Lamp ($89.99 before discount).


USB Salt Lamps

These aren't exactly new this year, though they were out of stock for a while. They're back! At $24.99, these USB salt lamps are a great deal. They plug in to standard USB ports on any computer (or adapter). They truly are little dynamos and are way fun! So, plug in and unwind.

They make great gifts too (even as a stocking-stuffer!).

Essential Oils

We so enjoy the new line of essential oils that we started experimenting with this year, doTERRA. We absolutely love them and you'll just have to smell them to believe them. They're also really wonderful topically and some you can ingest as well. 

These oils are harvested using co-impact sourcing. Co-impact sourcing is an initiative that seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships with the harvesters (many of whom are in developing countries) while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. So, this totally fits in with the Healing Himalayas mission.


To start out, we recommend the Beginner's Trio Kit ($66.67 before discount), Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit ($260.00 before discount), Home Essentials Kit ($366.57 before discount), or the Kids Collection ($126.67 before discount). Check out the whole line of dōTERRA Essential Oils.


Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls - Healing Himalayas

Of course, we always recommend the frosted crystal singing bowls. These are beautiful gems and make elegant focal points to any room. They always inspire conversation. Their sounds are always delectable as well. We typically recommend a 12" frosted (white) singing bowl ($214.99 before discount) as a first purchase. The deeper tones resonate quite well with many people. For a slightly less expensive option, an 8" bowl ($194.99 before discount) is also wonderful. These bowls are the easiest type of bowls to play (even kids enjoy playing them).


Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

Pink Himalayasn Salt Lamps - Healing Himalayas

Our pink Himalayan salt lamps are always a hit! Mined from deep within the Himalayan mountains, these lamps are naturally anti-microbial and ionize their environment. They are perfect for the bedroom, office, studio, nursery, and just about every where else! Your loved one will think of you adoringly every time they see their new lamp! We recommend the 7-10 pound lamp ($49.99 before discount) as well as the 11-15 pound lamp ($74.99 before discount) (total show stopper!).


Koshi Wind Chimes

Koshi Wind Chimes - The Perfect Gift
We absolutely love the Koshi Wind Chimes ($64.99 before discount) - and you will too! When we first heard these chimes, we instantly fell in love. There are four different types of chimes, one for each of the four seasons. Choose from AriaAquaIgnis, and Terra. Our personal favorite (if we absolutely had to choose) is the Aria. They also sound really beautiful together!

We're so very excited for you, this time of year, and this season of celebration!

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